Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Angel Babies

They've been gone for three years,
Been a long road and a million tears,
I'm moving slow, but I'm moving on.

With no regrets and piece of mind,
Lived so much in so little time,
I'm glad when they were here and they were mine.

Time and fate can't be controlled,
You play the hand you're dealt and the dice you've rolled
Who am I to question God anyway?

Well these days when I look back,
I know I'm blessed to have loved like that,
I still miss them everyday.

My heart will never be the same after losing my Ally and Brayden. I know they are waiting for me and I will see them one day.


Johnson's said...

Love you friend. I know they are smiling down at their mamma and sweet brothers each day.

The McIntires said...

My heart hurts for your loss, but know that you look forward to the day you get to hold them again!