Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beach Bums

My oh my did we have fun on our Galveston trip. The boys loved the water. I didn't try the sand yet, but we opted for a pack/play under a canopy and let them play to the ocean sounds. It's crazy to me that my sweet niece Sydney was the boys age when she went the first time. She has grown oh so much. I love her so much. There were so many memories made and I'm already excited to go next year! Lord help us, they will be all over!!! Check out a few pictures....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My world as I know it

Well it has taken me 7 1/2 months to blog about my life. Crazy huh?

My world has been a true blur and whirlwind since that special day in November. I'm probably going to back blog over the next month or so to tell their story. For now I'm going to fill ya in on a typical day at my house and what's been going on this summer while mommy's off from work!

7 months:

The boys eat every 4 hours, they have a jar or 2 or veggies at lunch and either cereal, oatmeal or meat and fruit in the evening as well as bottles obviously. They are just now as of this week sleeping through the night!!! Whooooo hooooooo. You have NO idea how excited that makes me. We have come so far from those every 2-3 hour round the clock days! The sleep in their own cribs now, but as soon as they are up they are touching. Both love their bath time. They just kick and smile. These two look and act nothing alike, but they are truly connected. It's amazing to watch. Luke is sitting up and crawling all over! He finds me in the house wherever I am, such a momma's boy! Monte is sitting up and rolls all over to get where he wants, but is happy just laying too. He has 2 bottom teeth too. They take little cat naps throughout the day and love to play with their toys which always end up in their mouth. Drool is part of the outfit for both boys nowadays.

This summer has been a blast! They LOVE to go, but they LOVE to just play at home too. Luke and Monte are such good babies. Whatever we do, or whoever we are with, they are just happy almost all of the time. We have been to Hawaiian Falls every week, thanks to our great KiKi for helping!! We have been to my cousins wedding, which they were adorable in their sweet outfits. We go to Target every few days and the mall. We go to see our sweet friends Wyatt and Weston and play too. Our next adventure is to Galveston next week. I'm excited to spoil the boys and see how they like the ocean for the first time. As you can imagine, time is limited. I do promise to blog more now and keep up as best I can. Happy summer!!!!